Hand Crafted Trees

My trees are created with the environment as my motivation. I make use of the things others don’t want. The bases are all hand made from unwanted fallen trees, crafted and oiled to look beautiful. Every one is branded and numbered, they are unique and so I can keep track of my creations.

All the driftwood has been collected by me and my family during walks along the North Devon beaches, even the dog is trained to carry some back to the car!! My bamboo is sourced from unwanted canes from friends and neighbours or trimmed out of my own supply in my paddock.

My trees are thoughtfully engineered and very sturdy with great attention to detail.

They are packaged in a strong reusable cardboard box and made up of a wooden base with a pre fitted steel rod, a trunk, branches and a tip, pre drilled and oiled and ready to be assembled.

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Nature, beaches and sunshine are my three favourite things. I am trying hard to do the right thing by our fragile environment. Tapping into my fizzing creative mind and using the natural resources that surround me are what make me tick and what has made me turn away from corporate life and bring Marwood Creations to life.

Like many in 2020 Covid 19 flat lined my career in live events. After much thought, long walks and soul searching, Marwood Creations was born. Using driftwood and bamboo I create beautiful Christmas trees that last a lifetime.

Living in rural North Devon I am surrounded by wild, dramatic scenery and long sandy beaches. I’m lucky enough to have space to create my trees in an old stable. Finally, I think and hope I have found a way to make a living sustainably and tread lightly on my planet as I go.

Now is a great time to reflect on how nature has touched you during lockdown and invest in a tree for life, not just for Christmas.

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