Got any questions?

We've put together an FAQ of the questions that frequently pop up. If your question isn't listen, please just pop us a message and we'll be happy to help.

1What size trees do you offer?
Driftwood: Micro (around 1 foot), 2,3,4,5 and 6 foot trees
Bamboo: Micro (around 1 foot), 2 and 3 foot trees
2How do you get my tree delivered?
We use a courier service which is normally a 2-3 day service
3How is my tree packaged?
Your tree will come in a strong reusable cardboard box specially made to fit your tree. The wooden base comes with the rod pre-fitted, you will have a trunk, a tip and all the branches. All you have to is assemble the tree.
4How do I put the tree together?
Take out the base which will have the rod pre fitted, lay all your branches on the floor in length order, pop the trunk on first followed by the longest branch and so on. Finally, put the tree tip on the very top. For 4,5 and 6 foot trees your rod comes in two pieces, simply screw the upper section on once you have filled the lower rod section with branches.
5What happens if a branch breaks?
Don’t worry, every tree will have two or three spare branches included.
6My base has a crack in it, what do I do?
Even though I dry all the wood slowly, sometimes when wood spends a long time inside in warm conditions it can crack, don’t worry – it’s wood and natural and this does sometimes happen. You can oil it if you want with linseed, teak oil – be careful not to over oil it, otherwise it will take a long time to dry.
7Can I paint my tree?
Yes you certainly can, I have experimented with spray silver and gold paint
8Can I keep my tree outside?
If you varnished and protected your tree, you can – however the rod will rust. It is not stainless steel. Look out on our site for outside trees. They are coming soon!
9My tree base was perfectly flat and now is wobbles a little
This could happen as most wood will warp with time, we include some cork stickers in your box to level up your tree in case this happens. Wood is a natural product and we can’t stop nature?