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My bamboo trees have a gentle and contemporary feel. They create wonderful long shadows as the sun casts light over them. Some of us arrange the branches in a haphazard way, but for those who prefer order and symmetry the branches can be arranged to spin in a cascade from top to the bottom. If you are short on space you can twizzle the branches into a flat tree. Bamboo trees come in three sizes; micro (about a foot), two and three feet high. They are rock hard and will last a lifetime. 

I cut mature bamboo when it is strong and green or rescue it from neighbours who throw out unwanted canes. After drying, trimming, smoothing off the nodes and cutting the bamboo to size. I carefully drill the holes and grind the bamboo ends to take away any splinters and give an even tone to the end of each branch. 

Bamboo trees are dark green to start with. As the months and years pass they change through the shades of green and will eventually become light brown. 

My largest supply of bamboo is here in my paddock where I grow and re plant several varieties. Early in 2021 I gave a new life to over 500 canes cut out by a local lady who peered into my workshop as she was passing by and stopped for a chat!

Tree sizes and dimensions

  • Micro tree is max 1 foot high and max 21 cm wide
  • 2 foot tree is max 36 cm wide
  • 3 foot tree is max 55 cm wide


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