Driftwood Tree Micro


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My driftwood trees are crafted from beautiful, waste driftwood. They have a rustic, gentle naturistic feel. 

The driftwood I collect from the beaches is dried in racks in the stable yard under the sun. Each branch is selected by hand, trimmed to size, sanded, and then put on the grinder to give the ends of the branches a smooth and tactile finish. Finally, after being kissed with linseed oil and drilled, I make a solid semi-circular base and create a trunk and tip to finish.

One of my earliest attempts to teach my kids to be kind to our environment was the making of my first driftwood tree in 2011. Showing them how waste driftwood can be made into a beautiful tree and used for years. We still use this tree and always will, I love the tree, but I love the story of it even more.

Tree sizes and dimensions

  • Micro tree is max 1 foot high and 20 cm wide
  • 2 foot tree is max 36 cm wide
  • 3 foot tree is max 55 cm wide
  • 4 foot tree is max 65 cm wide
  • 5 foot tree is max 80 cm wide
  • 6 foot tree is max 100 cm wide
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