Not your average Christmas Tree

Not your average Christmas Tree

Tree For life, not just Christmas

I make trees from Bamboo and Driftwood from 1 foot up to 6 feet high. Here are some ideas of how a Marwood Creations tree can be used all year round. Your tree will last a lifetime. Who doesn’t love twinkling lights all year round, why pretend we just like them at Christmas!

Leave your tree natural and bare. A tree does not need décor. It is full of natural beauty. Any tree up to three feet will sit perfectly on a sideboard or table. Buttons and silk flowers. Glue buttons to ends of your branches. Wind silk flowers on wire around the branches Shells are free at the beach! Just search up the best way to get a hole in your shell, it’s easy! Easter tree, hang reusable egg tins on your tree filled with treats. Wooden eggs can be painted with the kids.

If you have a good size room, a larger tree can stay up all year round and looks particularly fantastic against a white back ground. Send a tree as a birthday gift. Inside a Marwood Creations tree box is the story of my trees. If you have a friend who is environmentally aware they will be grateful you have thought carefully about sending them an environmentally sound gift.

Have a beachside holiday let? Driftwood trees are totally on theme all year round. Do you have a café or restaurant? Looking for a simple small table décor that is different and that you can keep for ever? Micro Trees are perfect. Bamboo or Driftwood either one is ideal.

Of course, not forgetting, you can always decorate your tree at Christmas! How do you decorate your tree? I would love to know, drop me a message and picture via Marwood Creations on Instagram or Facebook