Why I make Marwood Creation Trees

Why I make Marwood Creation Trees

Collecting wood, sounds dull? Read on……

The sun melts towards the vast blue ocean. In the distance Lundy Island floats above a haze on the horizon. I reach down to claim a length of driftwood, the warm sand trickles through my fingers. I feel the smoothness of the wood, almost as soft as silk. Toffee and chocolate colours swirl through my mind. I pop the wood into my backpack. I move on with my trainers swinging from their laces at the bottom of my pack and my coffee mug in my back pocket.

Shoulders aching, my pack is crammed full of driftwood and colourful bits of plastic I have scooped up from the beach. I head back to the car with the dog in tow. The sun dips out of sight behind me. Who wouldn’t want to be here?

3 steps to doing what you love for a living

I loved my previous job working in the live events industry then Covid came. That was the end of that.

  • Step One: Don’t wait, if you have an idea, do it, grab it and go for it
  • Step Two: Write down all the things you love doing and do more of them
  • Step Three: Pull your belt in, until you're making some pennies. Buy boxed wine instead of bottles

  • I love nature, the beach, creating things, being outside and most of all I love our world, our planet. Like lots of us, I want to find ways to make positive changes, be optimistic about the future and show my kids the right way forward. I would love to prove that buying second-hand is cool and reusing things that others don’t want is even cooler. And so along came Marwood Creations.

    A Marwood Creations Tree is a great gift at any time of year and is environmentally guilt-free. Look at our blog: Decorating my tree.